Call Us: +91 7356463555
+91 7510103444
Call Us: +91 7356463555
+91 7510103444
  • An online delivering application for vendors of MaaxKart.
  • Rules and regulations of the company should be strictly followed by vendors.
  • If shop has not identified the order, delivery agency will be notifying the same.
  • Once order placed by customer has to be fulfilled by the time.
  • There should be a minimum balance in wallet at the time of pick-up of delivery.
  • Quantity and quality of product should be assured once before order is taking from shop.
  • Company won’t be responsible for any complaints and also delivery should be placed without any damage.
  • Customer can do the payment through online or COD (Cash on Delivery).
  • Payment through credit by customer is not responsible for company.
  • Agency is responsible for all local issues and complaints.
  • Agency can make a good turnover through Maaxkart.
  • Registration fee of app is not refundable.