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Call Us: +91 7356463555
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Fostered and directed by TMR Group of companies, one of the leading company in the field of Marketing. TMR Group holds a legacy of 125 years of experience in marketing field, with diversified business activities, strong business foundation, new-fangled technologies, separate market and research division, well built & hospitable working environment, acting in accordance with ethics in business. With 300+ dedicated employees, moreover 5, 00,000 and above satisfied and unvarying customers. TMR Group is the parent company of Maaxus Digital Innovations Pvt Ltd, moreover it is the major shareholder of all the ventures innovated under the governance of Maaxus Digital Innovations Pvt Ltd.


Maaxkart is a multi-vendor delivery platform. Moreover it is an outstanding network system connecting the traders and purchasers throughout India. We provide our superlative services by way of an application which can be downloaded from play store or app store. Diversified array of items such as Groceries, Bakery items, Vegetables, Fruits, Fish, Meat, Chicken, Stationeries and Hotel cuisines comes handy in Maaxkart. The unique selling proposition of Maaxkart is that the enjoyers can purchase from their nearest shops or markets without even stepping out of their comfort zone. Our delivery agents will deliver the products at customer’s doorstep at the earliest.

Maaxkart encourages and support local business and outlet through digital world. It proves to be economical for the vendors and increase business with the help of modern digitalised technologies. Maaxkart proves beneficial to the local outlets to retain their existing customers as well as create a new pile of customers, which will in general boost the business of the domestic stores. We entitled it as ‘INVITING LOCAL STORES TO OUR DOORWAY’.

Considering today’s modern world where local shops are adversely affected by online shopping, we help domestic seller in 2 ways, with ‘THE ROAD NOT TAKEN’ strategy kept in mind.

   1. We provide required assistance to retain their persistent customers.

   2. To gain new customers through 100% trustable and professional services provided.

For those who are sceptic about E-commerce can opt for shopping through Maaxkart because it’s a platform which provides an opportunity to shop from their domestic outlet. Maaxkart agents undertake the entire responsibility of delivering the products ordered to the end users. Be a shop owner or communal, the app remains a great alternative to save money and time simultaneously.



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