Call Us: +91 7356463555
+91 7510103444
Call Us: +91 7356463555
+91 7510103444

Q. Who can use the app?

A. The app can be used by anyone.

Q. Is the app available for free or are there any charges for downloading the app?

A: The app can be downloaded for free of cost in Google Play Store or directly from the official website.

Q. Is registration a must for using the app?

A: Yes, it’s a mandatory registration for users. This is to simplify your shopping experience and keep a track on all your orders through Maaxkart app.

Q. Who choose the shops?

A: Maaxkart does not recommend or suggest any shops to the customers instead provide absolute freedom to our users to select the shops. Our representative will pick the goods from the shop/shops that are preferred by our customer.

Q. Can I select any shop from my domestic market?

A: Of course. You can select any shop according to your preference from your local vendors.

Q. Can I shop from multiple shops at a single order?

A: Maaxkart app is a very user friendly app, in which an option is given to purchase goods from different shops for a single order.

Q. How much time it takes for delivery?

A: Maaxkart has four delivery slots and we deliver goods on the same day. The only exception to same day delivery is ‘late orders’. Any late order will be delivered at the first slot in the next morning.

Q. Is there any charge for delivery?

A: There is a small delivery charge levied.

Q. What is radius of your service?

A: Maaxkart supports delivery of goods within the radius of five kilometres.